About Mauriora Kombucha

In Te Ao Māori we believe everything is connected and everything has its purpose. Our purpose is to grow the two living cultures closest to our hearts: our kombucha and our Māori culture. With every sip of kombucha you take, you too are helping us ‘nurture living cultures’.

Mauriora Kombucha is a hands-on Whānau operation in the business of nurturing living cultures

Our journey began with a koha (gift) of a SCOBY from a close whānau friend over nine years ago. Since then, we’ve been caring for and growing it, in return it has helped care for and grow our business.

Morrie ora!

Introducing the ultimate Kombucha experience! Elevate your special event with our customized Morris Minor.



In that space, we will have all our brewing tanks, our office, and a dispensary area kombucha on taps where our customers can come around and refill their bottles.

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